4 steps to overcome insecurities when educating children

Being a responsible and conscientious parent in the education and upbringing of a child is something no one teaches you to do . Each one improvises as best he can and some decisions take away our sleep and even hunger.

Society is changing and with it the expectations and demands of the environment towards parents. If we also take into account that the Internet has made communication possible immediately and the information, if not controlled, excessive, the pressure that parents sometimes endure becomes a slab that generates frustration whatever we do. Either we do not arrive or we pass. We never seem to find the exact point or so we think.

Our parents did it one way, your partner’s parents another; your friend, the neighbor, the parents of your daughter’s friend, what the book they gave you says, what the school psychologist recommends, even the lady who delivers at the store has her own opinion of how it is better for you to raise to your children … How can you not feel insecure?

There is a little trick not to fail that my grandmother, without having a clue of all this, gave me many years ago. Whenever I acted in a selfish or cruel way, especially with my brother, who for something we were together all day, she would tell me: “Treat others as you would like them to treat you.” At first, I didn’t pay much attention to him, but that mantra ended up accompanying me my whole life as the ideal scale to be a good person. The precise measure to act with those around you. And it is that the limits are contained in those simple words.

The best thing about this phrase is that, of course, it includes our children, so it is not so difficult to educate them and accompany them on the way until they fly alone.

How to overcome insecurities?

We give you some simple steps to overcome all these insecurities , and that by the way, they help you learn to treat others:

  1. First we have to turn a deaf ear to the advice and pseudo-advice of all those who “love us well”. Each child is different and if you let yourself be guided by your instincts, you will know perfectly what your children need better than anyone. Trust you, your little ones will appreciate it because they will notice your security.
  2. The secret is love . Love them and let them notice it, whatever they do, even if you scold them, they should never stop feeling that you love them. For that, physical contact is essential: kisses and hugs are never too much in a respectful upbringing.
  3. Take into account their opinions and needs . That he feels listened to will make him a loved, confident child, with initiative and without fear of expressing himself, so he will be more participatory and imaginative. That you listen to him does not mean that what he always says is done, because he also has to learn to reach a consensus and realize that sometimes his own ideas are not the most appropriate.
  4. Here we come to the most important consequence of treating them with respect: they inadvertently learn to respect others because they perceive that treatment from us. A child raised with love and patience will be a considerate and tolerant adult. By then, we will be very proud of having followed our instincts and of having hugged him a lot while we shared time with him, although deep down we always doubted whether we were doing it right. After all, we are human, don’t you think?

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