The satisfaction of teaching something new to a person is immense. And if that person is your son and we talk about opening his eyes to music , neither more nor less, I’m afraid there are no words to describe the emotion that it can produce in us.

Music as well as reading are two passions that will fill your world and, probably, save you on more than one occasion: when you need to escape, do not understand your surroundings or simply seek an explanation.

In this case, we are going to see why becoming fond of music and, specifically, learning to play an instrument , will be enormously beneficial for your development as a person.

Take note of the positive aspects that learning to play a musical instrument has for your child’s life:



Mastering a musical instrument requires practice, if not daily, almost. This pattern introduces an order in the child’s life, undoubtedly beneficial, when in the future he wishes to fulfill any objective in life.


Without wanting to, you will begin to appreciate the effort of your work because you will see your progress as the days go by. Nothing like seeing that you do better every time, there is no greater motivation than the achievements themselves.


Playing an instrument is developing a talent in the little one. It may be memory, sensitivity, concentration or will, but surely you will be surprised to see how your child acts differently from what you are used to.


This practice will affect other aspects of your life, as you will feel capable of undertaking any undertaking with all the skills that you are perfecting while learning to play. Its potential expands incredibly.


Music, like all arts, awakens the senses and makes us more sensitive to the world around us: to nature, sounds, time and details. If you want your child to be a better person and perceive the world with beauty, this is an excellent way to achieve it.


Whoever follows her gets it, it is not worth giving up. This is what you will learn every day, that perseverance has its reward and that things do not go the first time, you have to repeat them and be persistent. This is the only way to achieve results.


Finally, and as a consequence of all the above, we can say that your child will be happier. A little person who enters the world of music, while feeling capable of seeing the world around him with different eyes, cannot but be happy. Believe me, even if you don’t dedicate yourself to it or abandon it over the years, it will have been worth bringing it closer to any musical instrument.

One last note: if you are not sure which one to choose, let him try several and stick with the one he wants.

I think they are very good advice for parents to be interested in their children learning music instead of learning other things that are harmful to their health and something else in their lives. I have two children who like music and are not into vices, for that I thank God. Go ahead and God bless you.

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I would love to be able to teach music to my children

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