The use of tweezers in animals

The clamps serve as hands and weapons to the animals that have them.

Useful tweezers

Some crustaceans and insects have claws on the front of their body. They are more or less developed, and are sometimes larger on one side than the other. They use them to catch and hold. Wielded in the air, they impress their adversaries and are fearsome weapons during combat.

  Can opener tongs

Spider crab, lobster and crab use their claws to tear their prey to pieces. The scorpion’s claws are like a can opener, allowing it to devour an insect with a shell. Those of the hermit crab help it to move when it changes shells.

Prepared tweezers

The earwig is harmless, since its claws only serve to fold its wings. The larva of the ant-lion is scarier. With its two strong front clamps it digs a trap in the sand. It then settles on the bottom and waits for the ants to fall to its clamps.



Lion ant : the adult lion ant looks like a dragonfly, and its larva looks like an ant… with huge pincers!


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