Many children are fans of dinosaurs . They are interested in knowing things about them, in knowing their names, in collecting dolls with which to play … and, although it is not just a children’s passion, the truth is that it brings many benefits to the little ones.

The data we know about the world of dinosaurs is not excessive, since the information we receive comes largely from fossil remains, but it is enough for children to feel attracted to that far away part of prehistory dominated by beings so great as awesome.

The way in which dinosaurs captivate the little ones makes them foster their curiosity , their desire to learn new things, that enhance their ability to memorize, attend to data and explanations … in short, being a dinosaur lover makes make children smarter . And it is that the fascination that dinosaurs generate in many boys and girls makes them learn without hardly realizing it, in an entertaining, simple and dynamic way.

For specialists, the ability that a young child may have to know the name of lots of dinosaurs and to provide specific data on each of the species is called “intense learning and interests” , typical of when he feels a great motivation for a specific topic. This childhood interest in dinosaurs usually ranges from two years of age to about 8, but well cultivated, it is an interest that could last for decades or even a lifetime.

According to the therapist and psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins University (Maryland, USA), Kelli Chen , this type of fanaticism in childhood should not only be respected and cultivated by parents for the benefits they generate in childhood, but because they serve to develop people who will have cultural and scientific motivations and interests in the future, something absolutely valuable for a society. These intense interests help the little ones to develop their cognitive system or things as important to personal, social and academic life as self-confidence and self-confidence.

niño jugando con dinosaurio


Benefits of potentiating intense interests

The interest in dinosaurs that children may have responds, especially when it is very high, to what experts call intense interests , and if these attempted interests are prolonged over time (with the help of teachers or with the help of the family itself ) children can benefit from multiple additional knowledge and values such as the following:

  • Development of new cultural and scientific knowledge.
  • Improvement of the level of perseverance .
  • Enhancement of cognitive and memory capacity .
  • Increase in vocabulary level .
  • Improved attention span and concentration .
  • Increased motivation and interest in exploration .

This type of intense interests that take place in childhood are interspersed with the interest in the game that exists in this initial stage of life and the enormous capacity for imagination , and it is not by chance, because it is that inventiveness and that great capacity to absorb new and interesting ideas and things that make a child take a liking to a really complex subject like dinosaurs.

Therefore, if you have children who are fond of dinosaurs, you are in luck, because you are facing a child with a high probability of having above-average intelligence . Don’t let your passion fade over time and help preserve it and cultivate new related interests. Dinosaur stories for kids and dinosaur-themed nursery rhymes can be great resources to do this.

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