The importance and benefits of growing up with music

The first years of a child’s life are the most important in terms of providing adequate stimulation for their sensory , affective-emotional, intellectual and physical development.

In the first year of life, the baby’s brain will grow to 70% of its adult weight, and during this period parents should do everything possible to educate and facilitate this growth.

If we want to extend the minds of children and develop skills in multiple dimensions we have to take into account the positive effect of music. The importance of babies listening to classical music has been accepted and valued worldwide. Classical music affects our intellectual and physical development , restores harmony, favors memory, creativity and the ability to concentrate. Music capable of touching our most sensitive fiber shows us our best feelings.


The healing effects of music

Experience shows us the important relationship between music and physical and emotional well-being , both in adults and in children. Recent studies indicate that classical music has healing effects, and that it positively affects our health.

According to research conducted by musician-therapist Don Campbell, premature babies exposed to Mozart’s music in the hospital gained weight faster and showed a reduction in their stress levels leaving the hospital in an average of 5 days before those babies who were not exposed to music.

Music is an enabler in areas as diverse as mathematics, languages, and scientific problem solving . When children learn the distance between two notes, they are learning a spatial relationship. When they learn rhythm, they learn ratios, fractions, and proportions. And as if this were not enough, learning music before the age of twelve leads to an improvement in verbal and linguistic ability in general.

Playing music, singing and listening, many senses are used: auditory, visual and sensory motor. Being able to integrate all the senses and obtain a satisfying synthesis is a powerful experience for children. When this occurs in a choir or orchestra, the group effect is even more satisfying.

All the benefits that music can bring to a person, and especially to a child, are enough reasons to soak up the musical culture and make children grow and develop with it. Put your children to music frequently, sing and dance together, encourage them to play a musical instrument … growing up with an education that loves music is worth it, because it will mark the cultural level and sensitivity of tomorrow’s citizens for good.

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