Benefits of reading a story before going to sleep

After a long and heavy weekday, children are expected to be tired , but the truth is that adults are too, and this often means that, as parents, they give up doing tasks that can be vital for the child. development of our children. Reading before the little ones go to bed is an example of this. Fatigue of the parents means that, many times, the mobile phone is given to the child for a while to see pictures before going to bed, or he is allowed to watch television for a while. However this, being realistic, responds more to that fatigue than to the prominence of technologies in the new times.

We should not forget how important it is to share quality family time , and reading is a very important resource that can help develop and strengthen our family ties. Once the obligations and ties of the day are over, it is time to go to sleep that little bit so magical and special that reading a story under the warmth of the blanket in bed under the dim light of the bedroom lamp provides. A warm and unique environment that encourages that meeting between parents and children: no matter how we spent it during the day, because that magical moment cannot be stolen from you, nor can or should be interfered with.

Children quickly realize how important that time is that mom and / or dad dedicates to them at the end of the day, and no matter how busy you are, you will know that sharing family time is the most valuable thing in the world . An incomparable sensation that will provide tranquility and calm to the child, reducing the possible stress that has accumulated during the day. This wonderful routine will also help the child in question to understand that there is time for everything and that it is important to efficiently distribute our time so that this can be possible and we do not have to put aside the most beautiful things in life.

To all this the environment (the light, the silence of the room, the story in a low voice …) will contribute with the necessary calm so that the child can fall asleep easily, eliminating any possible nervousness or state of anxiety.

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The stories, thanks to their different themes, their characters and the adventures that they tell us, serve for children to stimulate and give free rein to their imagination (regarding the aesthetics of the characters, the environment that surrounds them …), even coming to feel identified with the characters and to better understand their own problems. In this way, we will also make the child’s sleep much more enriching and placid.

This level of relaxation that is experienced when dreaming of distant and / or impossible worlds, reduces the level of physical and mental exhaustion of the little ones, avoiding uncomfortable daily situations that are almost always derived from stress and a poorly restorative sleep , like tantrums.

And if all this was not enough, reading every night makes children gradually acquire more and more vocabulary and command of their language , which they will assimilate without realizing it in a fun and relaxing way even while they sleep.

In short, reading a story every night before going to sleep is such a positive and healthy therapy that it should never be banished as time passes. Not only will it be a ritual with incredible benefits for our children, but it will also be an inexhaustible memory in their future, at that moment when they grow up and are ready to look back at their sweet childhood … and towards us, their parents.

From what age you should read the stories. I have my 18-month-old baby

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