We know that playing is one of the most beautiful things there is for a child, because it not only helps them to have fun or stimulate their imagination , but it also helps them for other important things such as reducing possible levels of stress, which are very worrying especially in the development of young children.

Playing is used to learn to function in the world around them, as well as to socialize and meet other children with whom they can share not only objects, but also unforgettable experiences.

If, in addition, we can manage to stimulate their intelligence with certain games, the benefits of them will be something completely round. Do not miss the following list with recommendations of activities and games ideal to stimulate the intelligence of the little ones.

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Games to stimulate the intelligence of your children

  • Sensory games : we call sensory games those that involve any or all of the five senses of the body, such as molding play dough or ordering and stacking objects. These games are ideal for the child’s first months, as they develop fine motor skills and stimulate interest in artistic activities.
  • Mobile games : these types of games and activities are related to anything that involves movement, such as using a tricycle, bicycle or scooter, as well as playing soccer or going swimming. These games, in addition to helping to release endorphins and reduce stress, serve to work gross motor skills and to acquire lifestyle habits that are much healthier and beneficial for the human body in the short and long term.
  • Didactic games : these types of games, among which are those of differences, those of recognizing sounds or riddles and riddles , are used to work memory, to stimulate language and knowledge, or for other things as important as developing the capacity for logical reasoning.
  • Collective games : this section includes all the activities that children tend to do in company, such as playing in the park’s sandbox or sharing the swings. These games help the little ones learn to observe the behavior of others, which in the long run stimulates their ability to share and socialize.
  • Individual games : on the contrary, this section has to do with those moments in which children move away and play alone anywhere, which could include countless games such as puzzles, dolls, houses or cars . Playing alone is also necessary and helps stimulate the ability to make decisions and create your own scenes and ideas.
  • Role-playing games: role-playing games include all those in which the real and imaginary world is recreated or imitated. This may include playing the characters in an animated series, recreating the characters in an adventure movie , or playing “mums and dads.” These games are very positive because they help the little ones to communicate, to work as a team and to understand the world around them while developing their imagination.
  • Contact games: contact games are called those that have to do with physical contact and movement of the body . Consequently, they are usually games to be developed as a team, such as pilla-pilla, ideal for working on gross motor skills.

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