When we have a baby right away we want him to learn to do things, and little by little, we are saturating the children with activities, more and more as they get older, which will not always effectively help your child improve in their abilities and in their physical and mental development. More and more we tend to saturate our children with activities that in the end only make the little ones stressed and overwhelmed.

In order for us to achieve true effectiveness in said child development, the activities we choose must meet a series of fundamental objectives related to the true benefits that they can or will provide. Take note of these six important characteristics that a truly productive activity for children must have.


The great benefits of early stimulation

  • Stimulates the child’s curiosity and observation.
  • It stimulates their learning process on a psychomotor and intellectual level.
  • It stimulates, powers and develops the functions of your brain.
  • It helps to identify and solve disorders, such as those derived from language or memory.
  • Stimulates the affective and sensitive side.
  • It favors its natural ripening process.


Our responsibility as parents

When choosing extracurricular activities for an older child, as well as your baby’s first exercises, remember that these are some of the fundamental characteristics that this task should bring to your little one. Regardless of the type of activity in question (gymnastics, reading, skill games, teaching materials and resources …), as parents we must always keep in mind what type of skill or what part of the body we want to develop at any given time, but we must Be aware that the success of early stimulation is found in the way in which we know how to combine the maximum of different aspects, and not so much in the fact of focusing on a specific aspect, as in the fact that our child knows how to kick a ball.

We cannot forget the sensitivity of children and the importance of growing up as such, away from tax burdens, responsibilities and routine tasks that lead to exhaustion and discouragement due to stress. We are already aware enough as adults of the negativity and terrible consequences that anxiety and fatigue can cause in an older person, that we wish that evil on our little ones. Let us act wisely when it comes to distributing our children’s times, and their health will thank us.

That is why the importance of finding activities or stimulation centers that are respectful with the growth stage of babies.
My daughters are really liking IndiGo Playful Development, because they are not pressured or saturated. They just play with them without knowing that they are doing early stimulation.

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