The start of school after the holidays can often be overwhelming enough to create anxiety and stress for children and their families, so it is very important to find a way to make the transition between relaxation and relaxation as positive as possible. summer fun and back to school and routines, and school supplies themselves can help a lot in this endeavor. This coming September, in addition, the coronavirus problem joins the return to school 2020 , which caused the previous year to abruptly end classes in person and that now the outlook is somewhat uncertain regarding the new course .




So in this article we want to offer you some simple tips with which to make the transition back to school during the first few weeks much easier.



How to get back on track during the first weeks of school

Going back to school is very exciting for children and adolescents, especially due to the fact of being reunited with friends and knowing that the year is progressing and the challenges will be new and different. But this year that return will be even more important, since the coronavirus, which has surprised us in 2020, has completely changed our reality and our way of seeing things even for the youngest.

Going back to school after the summer is also a new opportunity to discover who we are and our abilities, and a new opportunity to improve and always see everything with better eyes. And if we add the best materials to that lap, we will be ensuring a wonderful return to school that can only be the start of something great. September is coming and it is time to start over, so it is important not only to arrive full of energy and enthusiasm, but also of the best resources to save money without giving up the best and everything you need to go and to be able to work in school properly. There are many spaces that are prepared and adapted each year for going back to school, and in some, such as the School Supplies Stationery (your stationery online all year round), they always work so that we find the Guaranteed Minimum Price with savings of more than 47 %, or materials as beautiful for children and adolescents as the Pepe Jeans Backpacks , ideal to start that return to school with color and quality.



Other recommendations to start off on the right foot


  • Resume routines again

Summer often means later bedtime for kids, unstructured mornings, and a slower pace for everything in general. About a week before school starts, you can start practicing the new back-to-school routine by setting an earlier bedtime and getting up earlier so that children can get used to eating breakfast on a schedule, getting dressed, and walk out the door . This will help you get into a predictable flow and help make the change feel less abrupt. Children are often more comfortable with routines, and a little practice will make the first day of school easier for everyone.




  • Establish a solid sleep schedule

Adequate rest is important for a healthy and productive school year, so establishing a regular bedtime routine is imperative . To help children feel rested, remember how much sleep their bodies need. Children ages 5 and 6 need 11 to 12 hours of sleep each night, while 7 to 12 year olds need 10 to 11 hours. Ages 12 to 18 can sleep 8 to 9 hours.


  • New spaces and good materials

Establish a special place at home for your children to study and do their homework. The space should look and feel comfortable and inviting but not overdone, so that they can easily find all the things and materials they need without being too distracted . For a more effective work environment, make sure to eliminate all distractions by keeping technologies out of reach and set clear limits on the use of social media, discarding them from study moments.


Happy back to school!

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