Becoming a great mom or dad means many things, but taking care of another little person is probably one of the greatest privileges and responsibilities that being a parent entails. There is no doubt that teachers and early childhood educators also have a lot of practice with children, but nothing that can be compared to what parents themselves have and they gain as the days and years go by with one more member in the family.




And it is that parents are the best teachers there can be , and therefore also very valid people to seriously consider something as important as working in education or being an excellent complement and support for those who do.

And you, are you one of those who applies your experience in the professional field?



7 reasons parents are always better teachers

It is easy to think that no one can know more about children than those who work with them every day, those who give away emojis or gummy bears when children are faced with the challenge of going to the bathroom on their own, or when they must mediate in a fight or cheer when there has been a fall… but there are many reasons why parents are the best teachers of young children. What do not you believe? Well look, look!


  • They are very familiar with tantrums

There is no doubt that you will see the occasional tantrum if you are an early childhood educator, but as a parent, you have probably already seen the worst ones. Teachers are required to meet certain expectations for behavior in their classrooms , so if you are also a parent, you will already be immune to the so-called occasional tantrum, making you stronger in maintaining your ground and enforcing classroom rules.


  • They can relate and connect with other parents

You certainly interact a lot with children as a teacher, but you also need to interact with parents … and quite a bit! So, if you are a teacher and also a parent, it will be much easier for you to relate to the parents of the students and better understand their needs.

Knowing what it really feels like and what it is like will make it much easier to connect with parents, make suggestions for things to do at home, or share fun parenting stories. Being a parent, especially if you are also a teacher, provides much more realistic expectations about parents and their time, a skill that will help you in everything in different places, from conferences to meetings to delivery and collection times.


  • They are loving and patient

Let’s consider the hours of training it takes for a child to potty, the crying of the baby during a trip, the constant supervision required by a rambunctious child … Patience is definitely something that parents cultivate throughout the ages. years and that can be very useful for teaching.

In fact, the challenges do not end and can increase when children suddenly turn into a group of twelve, fifteen or twenty students per class, so the experience will help you with the students, with the necessary study plans, and also with that level of patience required for day-to-day and creative problem solving.


  • They know how to be creative

During the years that one lives as a father or mother, one becomes very creative in the way they play with their children, in the search for solutions to everyday problems … You understand that children can get angry easily and learn to calm them more and more quickly. Whether it’s a screaming child, a room full of bored students, or a child struggling to learn to share, creativity is a talent that will help you overcome many obstacles that you may experience as a teacher.


  • They are great masters in time management

You must be a true ninja with time management when you are a parent, and that is that a single day can include a thousand things and activities. As a teacher, it’s also very important to be on time, manage lesson plans on time, and make sure you use each day and allotted time to teach the best you can. The skills you gain as a parent can probably give you a great sense of the value of time , which should certainly be appreciated in the classroom.


  • They deal with stress like nobody else

It’s no secret that raising children can be stressful. Children often do and say things that may surprise adults, and sometimes it can feel like you have no idea what you are doing when it comes to parenting. Being able to laugh at yourself or find humor in what could otherwise be frustrating situations can make life more enjoyable and help you feel much more relaxed.

There will also be clutter and mistakes in the classroom, so your ability to deal with stress will give you a little more hope on difficult days.


  • They know that communication is key

Basic communication skills, both with children and with their parents, will come into play when you are a teacher. Teaching lessons, passing directions, and informing parents are important areas of communication when working in a classroom with children. And it is precisely parents who know well that just because you ask a child to do something, it does not mean that they will do it or that they have listened to you. In other words, parents teach us again something as important as the value of communicating with children in a clear and concise way.




The main reason parents are good teachers is because they understand how to develop positive relationships with children . As teachers, it is important that you also know how to cultivate these connections with children, and the truth is that there is no better way to practice this skill than to be a parent. Being able to see the world through the eyes of a child can help teach well, play well, and grow close to students effectively.

Finding the line between being involved in your children’s lives while allowing them to learn and have healthy independence is a difficult balance to strike, but not impossible. As a teacher, you will also have a mission to teach children how to conquer the world and acquire knowledge on their own. Education helps students think critically , make wise decisions, and hopefully have a prominent role in the world.

Ultimately, being a teacher is a very important responsibility, and nothing can teach a teacher more than parents themselves with their daily experience. After all, being a father means having been a teacher for many years …


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