Dramatized Original Tales: The Wise Tree Is Coming!

The importance of puppets in education

Like books, puppets can help us travel through extraordinary and unknown worlds, and in the Forest of Fantasies we wanted to start working in this area. We open a new section in which, the Wise Tree and oldest of our Forest, will narrate the best stories of our portal so that the little ones can enjoy and have fun, or relax before going to sleep. These stories will be accompanied by delicious original and unique illustrations about the most famous characters in the Forest: the Escacharrado Pirate, the Dragon of Words, Aunt Rita … Stories that will be broadcast on our YouTube channel periodically and that we hope you will enchant.

The history of puppets and marionettes is so old that it is almost impossible to date. It is known that puppets were made in ancient Egypt, such as that of a figure found in honor of the goddess Isis attached to strings, and probably one of the first of this type. But even much older origins are mentioned, such as the fact that the men of Prehistory were already aware of the possibility of casting shadows in caves with the mere objective of seeking entertainment. Whatever their origin, the truth is that puppets have always had a captivating power in the public, certainly overshadowed today by the number of leisure options and different types of toys aimed at children.


Puppets serve to develop many educational skills and consequently have a very useful application in schools and in the entertainment of children. These can be of several types: glove, string or shadow puppets. In any of their versions, they can help children communicate interesting stories, or motivate them to give free rein to their imagination and creativity. At the same time, by enjoying a puppet show, the little ones can enjoy free time by releasing their emotions, improving their vocabulary and their listening, attention and comprehension skills. The variety of characters that the puppets can represent will serve as a channel to link the message of the show with the interest of the little ones, expanding their capacity for visual stimulation.

Are they not excellent reasons to dare to hang out in the company of the Wise Tree?

Well, do not hesitate … what are you waiting to meet him!

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