Tips to protect your computer from little ones

It is becoming more and more difficult to oppose the youngest use of technology , and specifically mobile phones and computers, but the Internet now dominates our lives so much that the youngest (and many older people too) are unable to contemplate the same without its use. Perhaps it is understandable, because the new generations have already been born and are growing up in a world that is governed by the internet and social networks, and that makes them grow up observing this technology as something more than daily life, such as the television. .

The world is changing and many older information channels, such as radio or the newspaper, are also changing their ways of communicating with society and transmitting information , whether through streaming videos, podscasts, videoblogs , digital newspapers. … The technological age flies over our heads and is not going away, so parents must also adjust the educational methods aimed at their children to the new times.


What are parental filters?

The software in charge of establishing limits to the navigation of minors on the Internet is known as parental filters . This means that they will not be able to access pages with inappropriate content for the peace of mind of their parents, but it also offers them a lot of additional information, such as the time at which they have connected or which sites they visit when they are in front of the screen.

Depending on the filtering program that is put on the computer, the information on the use of devices with access to the network made by minors may be more detailed or less. All agree, in any case, in blocking unwanted pages and content .

Being able to activate this protection and these filters entails a certain maintenance that many parents probably do not know how to perform, and that is why it is important to have the help of experts and companies specialized in this and capable of offering quick and effective solutions to patients. day-to-day problems, as well as all the necessary advice regarding the advice for the protection of the computer of minors when there are doubts.


The importance of parental protection

If you are a father or mother and still do not use or control the computer very well, it is time to get to it. We cannot stay behind in this change that society is experiencing, especially since our children are fully involved in them and, if they do not understand them, we will not be able to offer them the necessary protection. Let’s not forget that the Internet is like opening up almost entirely to the world, breaking down traditional home protection barriers, and giving up many aspects of our safety and that of our children. At the same time, it offers us infinite advantages, such as immediate access to information , being able to communicate with people from anywhere in the world, … etc., but we must be careful, especially when it comes to young children.

Does this mean that the internet is dangerous? It depends. If we can learn to keep our computers safe, well protected from external threats and with the establishment of the recommended filters for minors , we will avoid many scares and we will not expose our children to unnecessary dangers. Otherwise, we will be facilitating the external threats that swarm the internet, access to privacy, education and well-being of the smallest and defenseless.


Educate in trust and responsibility

When we are adults, we have greater capacities for reasoning, analysis and criticism, which allows us to have our eyes more open to danger and also to have the tools to avoid or face it . However, this is something that the youngest and much less children have not yet developed well, and that is why it is necessary to educate in the sense of responsibility and ethics.

Establishing parental access filters to certain content will not prevent, most likely, that the little ones end up making a profile on a social network or similar, and this is where some of the biggest threats to children today are found . In this sense, and if we manage to create a relaxed atmosphere of trust and full communication within the family, it will be easier to be aware of whether or not the children will be immersed at some point in situations of real concern and vulnerability. .

We will always have the possibility of establishing the aforementioned parental control filters, but it is good that these do not end up being used as severe and exaggerated control systems , to the point that they end up restricting all privacy and, above all, the freedom of the little ones to act, to be able to act and make decisions with common sense, or to learn for themselves to make responsible use of the networks.

That is why education in the proper use of new technologies is the key to the future, both for parents and children, and a pending issue for our society and the proper development of it.

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