The secret to successful education in Finland

educacion finlandesa Finnish schools tend to have the highest success rate in school education every year, but do we know why? Perhaps the commitment of this Nordic country to a series of principles based on equality, respect, trust , or the right to free education, are some of the causes.

In this article we propose you to know some of the most innovative keys of the most famous educational system in the world, to understand a little the reason for its great success:

  • Children are not required to sit at desks.
  • There are no rules on how to dress.
  • If the weather is nice, classes are held outdoors .
  • It is corrected with a pencil to encourage interest in rectification and to be able to erase and rewrite results.
  • Rest is prioritized over extracurricular duties.
  • There are no elite schools and most of them are public, run by the state.
  • The same importance and the same resources are given to early childhood education as to university education.
  • No scales are established around the importance of the subjects.
  • The arts and humanities are highly valued.
  • No comparisons are made between students, regardless of their abilities.

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educacion en finlandia At first glance, with only these characteristics of the Finnish educational system, we can already see what the differences are with respect to the rest of the educational systems. It is precisely in the fact of the comparisons and the categorization of schools based on results that the difference between some places and others can be seen the most. In short, the Finnish school tends towards equality in all senses , both between schools and between teachers and students or subjects, something that is still far from being applied in other countries, such as Spain.

A country that is truly committed to education is a country that believes in its inhabitants and in their success and development, especially young people, who are key to the future of any place. At the same time, providing the same rights and opportunities to all types of people, regardless of their economic and / or social capacity, is also a sign that the importance of an educational system in the success of a society is understood and understood and the right of all people to access it is recognized.

Free education is vital in a system like Finland’s, confirming that a country that believes in culture and knowledge knows how to separate education from economic enrichment or social distinction.

Undoubtedly, we have much to learn from this educational system, but it is likely that by knowing some of its secrets, we will be closer to understanding it and being able to apply it one day.

Education in Finland is an example model to follow because it shows the benefits that people with education in that country bring. and above all it is an example of education that makes teachers from other countries reflect

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