The Camino de Santiago, an experience, also for children

A lot has been written about the magic that the Camino de Santiago contains, both for the beauty of the places through which the pilgrim enters, and for the interior route that is carried out thanks to the silence, the atmosphere and the magic itself. And they say that whoever follows the path changes in some way and is not the same again, always in a positive sense.

But today we want to talk about another way of doing the Camino, not so much as a mystical experience, but as an opportunity to live a unique and different family vacation , educational and in total contact with nature in the most beautiful places in northern Spain.


Doing the Camino de Santiago by bike and with the family

For the little ones, the idea of doing this path by bicycle is usually more attractive than on foot, since as a general rule they are more lovers of pedaling than walking without more. With Santiago Ways , you have the possibility of doing the Camino de Santiago organized so that you do not have to take care of absolutely anything, other than enjoying your family and the experience. It is precisely this company that gives you the opportunity to enjoy it in a different way: the Camino de Santiago by Bicycle with children with an educational and very fun purpose.

The Camino de Santiago by Bicycle is covered today by many tourists and pilgrims who want to enjoy one of the most beautiful routes that can be done within Europe. In addition, if it is done with children and in an organized way, you are given the opportunity to learn about the culture and idiosyncrasies of our country, taking advantage of all the experience in the educational field.

As, in all probability you know, there are numerous trails to follow this Camino , the most popular ones, the French and English Ways do not present any difficulty to be traveled pedaling as a family at any time of the year. The Camino de la Costa or Norte and the Primitivo are very good options to travel in spring and summer, while the Vía de la Plata is also ideal for spring and summer, but without counting the last fortnight of July and the first of August. , because in excessive heat it can make a dent in the pilgrims.

But to adequately inform yourself of these and other relevant factors when it comes to living this unique experience as a family, the most advisable thing is to trust the advice that Santiago Ways is going to offer you to organize an uneventful tour of the Camino de Santiago in bike for the whole family.



Why choose Santiago Ways?

Santiago Ways has currently positioned itself as the best agency to do the Camino de Santiago in an organized way, and that is exactly what we want when we go with children, because any little one against time, when traveling with minors, grows exponentially.

The Santiago Ways experts have, for your peace of mind and that of your family, an Official License and are an international benchmark when taking this tour due to their quality in the organization and in the attention to their clients.

With their personalized advice, you will find which route is best for your family, be it due to the age of the participants, their physical condition or the time of year in which you are thinking about taking this special route that will surely strengthen family ties. and you will establish strong bonds for the future.

Likewise, they will give you the best advice when preparing your way : such as what you should take in your luggage, all the information you need about routes and stages of the Camino de Santiago, or those news, curiosities and legends that are worth knowing and discover. And, as we said from the beginning of this article, doing the Camino de Santiago with children by bicycle can be an experience of educational enrichment and personal and family growth.

Likewise, this agency will advise you on the time you need to do the Camino , according to the route you want to do, the best time to undertake it or the best route if you do not have availability of flexible dates, the physical and mental training work that you will have to do previously and other tips that will be extremely useful.

Although one of the most popular routes is the French Way , there are many others and this agency can give you all the information you need to know about the peculiarities of each one, so that you can make a better choice according to your own preferences.

Whether you finally decide on the French Way, the Portuguese Way, the North Way, the English Way, the Silver Way or the Way of Lighthouses, to give just a few examples, with the information provided by Santiago Ways you will know perfectly what awaits you behind each stage.

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