Sensory bottles are bottles, usually of already empty drinks, in which we introduce different materials to stimulate sensory learning in the little ones. In addition, these types of bottles are adaptable to almost any theme, which makes them a very fun and practical resource. We can fill sensory bottles with almost anything that comes to mind, for example, if we fill them with dry and hard objects, that type of bottle will help us to experiment with sounds. Other elements, such as water, allow to attract the attention of children and add many colors to match.

In today’s post we want to give you different combinations and ideas to make these interesting bottles. Very attentive!


Types of sensory bottles

  • Bottles for visual stimulation: generally the sensory bottles are filled with water, food coloring, alcohol, baby oil to modify the density of the liquid and generate better visual effects … But in addition to these elements, we can add any other type of material solid that adds colors to the bottle and stimulates your eyesight. This type of bottle will help children to identify colors and objects, and if we also allow them to participate in the process and choose their own materials, we will also help stimulate their creativity and imagination.
  • Bottles for auditory stimulation: these types of bottles are filled with solid and hard objects, such as rice, stones, buttons … and if we combine them, we will improve the auditory effects even more. Objects of different colors can also be added to these types of bottles to promote visual stimulation in addition to hearing. Sound is one of the senses that children develop before, and these types of bottles are perfect to stimulate it in a very simple way. A paced activity that children will follow with great enthusiasm.

Fun sensory bottle making ideas




  • Water
  • Oil
  • A bottle
  • Blue dye
  • Some toy sea animal or miniature eva rubber
  • Stones


  1. Fill half a bottle with water that contains blue food coloring.
  2. Add the stones and animals.
  3. Fill in what is missing with oil.




  • Clip
  • Baby oil


Add the clips and oil. To make it more fun, add a magnet to get the clips to move.

botellas sensoriales para niños



  • Rice with green coloring.
  • A bottle.
  • Miniature toy dinosaurs or eva rubber.


  1. Put the miniature dinosaurs inside the bottle.
  2. Finish filling with the green rice.




  • Water
  • Baby body oil
  • Coloring for water
  • Oil coloring
  • 2 bottles of water


  1. Half fill a bottle with oil, it should already be colored.
  2. Complete the bottle that had the oil with water of another color and that’s it.

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