Learning disorders have to do with the unexpected and persistent difficulty (relative to learning an age-specific skill) that some children may suffer, despite the most appropriate learning conditions and environment.

Curiosity in children with learning disabilities may be adequate, or their intelligence is above average, and this is because learning disorders are associated with neurodevelopment.

You can usually tell that your child has a learning disorder when you notice difficulties reading well, writing correctly, solving puzzles like puzzles, or learning a new language or dealing with math.

In some cases , learning disorders can also coexist with emotional and / or behavioral problems , but we must be able to differentiate them.



Most common learning disorders

In order to learn to identify the different types of learning disorders that exist and that a child may suffer, below we will describe the most important ones and the fundamental characteristics of them to recognize them.


  • Dysgraphia: difficulty writing

It is the difficulty that some children present when writing by hand. Usually messy writing can be seen , which actually expresses various difficulties the child may have. People with dysgraphia may find it very difficult to organize their ideas to express them, and they may also have a difficult time storing ideas in memory. Finally, written expression will be the greatest barrier to this disorder.


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  • Dyslexia: difficulty reading

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that makes reading difficult in a child with normal intelligence and vision. You may notice the difficulty to pronounce words correctly or to make a continuous and fast reading. In these types of children, learning to speak and read can be a complete personal challenge. These children can be perfectly integrated in a classroom with other children without any problem, but they must be assisted with tutors or specialized programs in order to achieve their goals.


  • Dyscalculia: difficulty learning math

It is the difficulty that some children have to understand and learn numbers, although it can also be presented as a difficulty to understand symbols . This disorder can lead the child to have difficulties on a day-to-day basis, and not only at school, since the mind normally interprets reality with images and expresses it through symbols.


  • ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a type of disorder that has become very common among children in recent times. This disorder can be expressed in them in three different ways: the first related to inattention, the second through impulsive and restless behavior , and in the third a combination of the two previous forms can be observed.


Finding these situations at home may seem like a problem that destabilizes the foundations of the family, however, we must think that these are not serious disorders for the human being, such as a disease, and that it can also be worked on with a diagnosis made on time.


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