Update: We’re thrilled to report that on June 3rd Governor Hickenlooper banned the costs that would have transformed safety cams off in Boulder, Greenwood Village and also various other towns as well as cities in Colorado. Thanks to every one of you that joined us in acting to advise the Governor to maintain kids risk-free on Colorado streets!Last week, my other half and

I received a ticket in the mail. We had actually been captured by a speed camera regarding 1/2 a mile from our home.I’m so pleased I got this ticket. Seriously. As well as right here’s why.The speed camera that caught me lies regarding 20 feet from a cross stroll that I make use of a number of times a week to go across an extremely hectic street.Typically when I’m

in the cross stroll, I’m carrying my 5-month-old daughter, Sweetheart, that goes to a close-by day care. I’m usually come with by my 5-year-old boy, Winston.We view the autos whiz by. After a few secs I start

waving my freedom, wishing to indicate a sympathetic vehicle driver that, yes, there are pedestrians in the crosswalk and also yes, they require to stop. It generally takes a while. The vehicle drivers are usually going

greater than 40 miles an hour in a 25 MPH area. By the time they see us, it’s far too late to slow their cars down and follow the legislation that pedestrians have the right-of-way when in a crosswalk.I fear– as well as am frightened– every time I approach this crosswalk.But now, with the rate cam, motorists will certainly have an added motivation to decrease and with any luck be more aware of pedestrians crossing the street. I

recognize speed video cameras and red light cameras, collectively called safety cams, are controversial– nobody likes to obtain caught breaking the regulation, and we absolutely do not like paying fines. I definitely have various other things I prefer to perform with the $40 I will have to pay.But these technologies work. They assist to make us better vehicle drivers. We drive more gradually and also stay clear of running traffic signals. When we do these points, the rate of car crashes drop dramatically as well as

lives are saved. Look what occurs: WHEN VIDEO CAMERAS SWITCHED ON WHEN VIDEO CAMERAS SHUT OFF Boulder, Carbon Monoxide, 67.5%decrease in collisions Houston, 117 %rise in crashes Greenwood Town, Carbon Monoxide, 54%decrease in crashes Albuquerque

, 584 %boost in speeding and also

traffic signal running It concerns me and also my coworkers below at Safe Children, along with our companions at NHTSA and also

the National Coalition for Safer Roads, that there are

some communities fighting application of security video cameras. We’re also concerned of situations where municipalities are seeking to turn around

existing legislation that enables this technology to be utilized to protect both drivers as well as pedestrians. For instance, people in Rock, Greenwood Village and various other communities as well as cities in Colorado lobbied their legislature to send Carbon Monoxide Guv John Hickenlooper bills to turn safety and security video cameras off. We advised the governor to veto this regulations as it will make the roads much less risk-free for children.You can join us by tweeting Guv Hickenlooper, @hickforco, or sending out an email to urge him to ban the expenses that would make Colorado roads less risk-free. It would additionally send out a message to other neighborhoods where the security electronic cameras are being closed down like Houston as well as Albuquerque.The new rate video camera in my community has only been in area for concerning 6 weeks, however I’m enthusiastic that it will at some point slow web traffic down as well as make our busy crossway a little bit more secure for our community.In the meantime, the ticket Iobtained from that video camera has made me a more cautious motorist, and youngsters as well as all pedestrians will certainly be more secure as a result of it. Simply could be the most effective $ 40 I ever before spent.

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