I picked up a great deal while visiting my parents a while back.  Their local newspaper sells the remnant rolls of newsprint, in a variety of sizes, for next to nothing.  I think I spent $3 on a roll that just happened to be the perfect length for my easel, with enough paper on it to last me a year at least!  Newsprint is certainly lower grade quality than your typical art paper.  It tends to yellow a little over a long period of time, so it’s not what you would want to use for framed artwork.  It is great, however, for high volume projects; those times that kiddos just want to experiment over and over (pretty much all the time).  It’s also great for covering tables for large group collages and murals, or just for protecting the table.  Really, for three bucks, you could use it for just about anything, and you still get your money’s worth!  Check out your local newspaper to find out if they sell their remnant rolls of newsprint.  Additionally (in case you wonderful people need more reasons to feel good about yourselves) using this newsprint is a great way to recycle a spent resource while also conserving new resources.  So you can be green and save green all at the same time!  Can’t really beat that, can you?



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