Here’s an activity I think I picked up in a phonemic awareness book once upon a time. You start by telling the youngsters you have a friend that wishes to be an undetectable male, maybe as a Halloween outfit. (You might require to discuss what “undetectable methods”.) Program a picture of a person (stick numbers are ok) or simply a face, if you’re collaborating with more youthful children, made use of a blackboard or dry erase board. This male is not undetectable in any way! Inform the children that if they wish to make part of the guy unnoticeable, they have to state the poetry word. Offer a couple of examples. If you or the children say “pies”, you eliminate the eyes. If you state “ranch” erase an arm. Accept rubbish words (” gegs” rhymes with legs) as rhymes. Rhyme manufacturing is more difficult than rhyme acknowledgment, so for younger children, you would say the rhyming word and provide 2 alternatives for the part to be erased (rhyme recognition). “What happens if I stated “southern”? Would that be the mouth or the eyes? South-Mouth, or South-Eyes?” For older youngsters, you might claim, “What word rhymes with arm?” (rhyme manufacturing)

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