If you’re looking for something brand-new to place in your sensory table, consider cornmeal! Some kinds are extra fine than others– the great stuff can leave a little a dusty residue on those little hands, but no irreversible damage done, right? Whether you have rugged or great cornmeal, the kiddos simply enjoy it! Compliment the have fun with plaything vehicles, scoops in a variety of sizes, as well as even combs to develop a fun structure! Around Valentine’s Day, I threw in some foam hearts and also the youngsters maintained themselves involved burying and excavating up their “treasures”! You could include any foam functions, plastic numbers, or some beads or rocks.

Sensory play builds curiosity as well as creative thinking in youngsters as they engage in open-ended play. Small electric motor skills are additionally created as they dig and scoop and adjust the material. Language and also social skills additionally come into play as the kids interact and produce dramatic storylines in addition to their play. Try it out!

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