Book Activity: If You Offer a Pig a Pancake– Syrup Paint!

Laura Numeroff has a good thing going. As well as it keeps going, around and also around as her circular tales beauty youngsters each time. As component of her series that began with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Numeroff discovers the domino effect cycle from the obvious to the outlandish as a pancake causes syrup, then eventually touch shoes and also even a tree homes! All coming full circle as the pig is led to request for another pancake!

As you review this publication with children, time out prior to several of the pig’s demands to see if the youngsters can expect what will certainly follow. After analysis, you might even present some theoretical inquiries, like, “What if you provided the pig a covering? What might she request next?” Keep in mind that there isn’t a right response. You might think the logical demand would certainly be a pillow, but a kid may attach the blanket with something completely different. Equally as a pancake ultimately leads to a tree house, your children will certainly have factors for their links, so let them explain! This kind of conversation enhances the concept of cause and effect, while also permitting creativity.

After reading as well as reviewing, attempt syrup painting for an extension task! In tiny containers (the plastic infant food containers from Gerber are ideal) pour a bit of corn syrup, and afterwards shade it with watercolor powder or food coloring. Stir with a toothpick up until the color is smooth. This shiny tinted syrup takes on a jewel-like high quality as well as is so attracting! Have your piggie painters make use of eye-droppers to relocate the syrup paint from the containers to their documents (which you might cut in the shape of pancakes if you wish). The syrup is much more viscous than normal paint as well as takes place much in a different way. Some children might try out the means the syrup makes strings of glossy rounds of color. Others may blend the colors with each other and spread the syrup to make sure that it’s even more level. Allow them experiment as you speak with them concerning the buildings of the paint, what it reminds them of, and what they are attempting to do with it.

Depending on exactly how thick the syrup gets on the ended up product, the papers will need to completely dry flat for a day or 2 before hanging to completely dry, or gently being transferred house. The kids love to see exactly how glossy as well as really feel exactly how smooth these photos are as soon as they have actually dried out!

This task not only extends a literacy experience to a imaginative experience, however also expands vocabulary and also sensory abilities as you talk about the features of the paint. Making use of the droppers requires using great electric motor skills as well as introduces the use of a clinical tool. Bet you really did not assume you ‘d get all that with your pancake!

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