Mandy Ehman at Life…Your Way, is offering Valentine links all this week for you to enjoy with your families. Today, her feature is treats and crafts for kids, so I thought I’d share a fun kid-friendly treat I made with my boys over the weekend.  (Click here to see all of today’s links!)

After seeing these dipped marshmallows on Pinterest, I thought we’d try something similar. I picked up some heart shaped marshmallows, almond bark and candy melts, sprinkles, and sticks. We also threw in some pretzels as we already had a Costco-sized bag on hand.

First I put the large marshmallows on sticks. The sticks not only make them a little more fun and festive, but they make dipping the marshmallows a breeze for the kiddos. I set out all our dipping options and spread out wax paper for drying while I melted the coating in the microwave following package directions (more or less).

The boys and I had some fun discussions about solids and liquids and what it takes to make the coatings melt and then set up again. (Poor boys with a nerd for a mom can’t even make candy without being suckered into a science discussion.)

Then we set loose to dip, drizzle, and sprinkle to our hearts’ content.

Just a few tips: The marshmallows on sticks were easy to dip right in, but for smaller mallows and pretzels, toss in one or two at a time and use a fork to coat and then lift them out. Be sure to tap your marshmallows and pretzels to allow the excess coating to drip off. Place on wax paper to cool, unless you want to leave half of your marshamllow on a plate, as we accidentally did with one or two.

We had a fun time making them, and the marshmallow sticks made a fun bouquet, but I have to admit, the chocolate covered pretzels were still the hands-down favorite in our family.  (I’ve recently seen heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats dipped as well.  That may be our next dipping adventure!)

Have some fun with your littles (and work in a little sweet science while you’re at it) and dip some treats for Valentine’s Day!



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