First Friday Q&A: Supporting Children During Divorce

I’ve been sharing some favored posts from the archives as I invest some additional time with my family as well as our new little individual. This Q&An initially appeared in November 2011. (That explains the sweater!) I ‘d love to hear your brand-new questions! Keep sending out those to me at!

( Video clip additionally offered right here .)

So to evaluate:

  • Verify their sensations without panicing or forecasting your very own feelings.
  • Be a “Charismatic Grownup”, supplying that arm around the shoulder or the comfortable lap to rest on. Do not make them stand out or feel like a project, however be aware of them and also try to link daily.
  • Offer consistency and also selection whenever possible/reasonable to give a feeling of security as well as control.
  • Offer flexible innovative tasks (art, writing, significant play) to permit them to resolve big feelings if and when they choose to.

Resources to take into consideration:

Resiliency/Charismatic Adult– Dr. Sam Goldstein Aiding Your Youngster Via

a Divorce Children Wellness 14 Books to Assist Ease Kid With Transitions Journaling Big Feelings

What sources or experiences could you add? Related

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