Jaywalking in China and New York City City: The Pot Calling the Pot Black

Last month I was standing at an intersection in New York City, however felt like I was back residing in my home city of Shanghai. Throughout me, there were jaywalkers that really did not show up to have any type of passion in following the traffic signals, which reminded me of the supposed “Chinese Style Road Crossing.”

The term “Chinese Design Roadway Crossing” (中国式过马路) was developed by a Chinese netizen in 2012, specifying that when a huge crowd of pedestrians try to go across a road with each other, there is no need to comply with the traffic rules. It is based on an underlying presumption that police officers would not penalize a large number of wrongdoers all at once.As a typical sensation in Chinese urban cities, jaywalking has created a conversation on its causes, effects and solutions amongst the public, electronic media, website traffic experts, decision-makers and also law enforcement agencies. Right here are some mainstream ideas:

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