Can you believe it’s First Friday already?  No Foolin’!  I selected just three questions this time to keep things more streamlined.  If you have a question for the next installment of First Friday Q&A, email those to my NEW address: .  Go ahead and do it today.  Trust me, the next First Friday will be here before you know it!

So here are the topics (with the time where they appear in the vlog) and supplemental links for today:

Handwriting (0:10)

Take Time for a Little Name Writing Practice {Teach Preschool}

Ways to consider breaking up the task:

Hitting and Aggression (3:02)

When it Comes to Challenging Behavior, Do You Take the Time to CARE? {NJC}

6 Peaceful Solutions for Hitting and Anger {Simple Kids}

Love this book: Practical Solutions to Practically Every Problemby Steffan Saifer

Making Soft Blocks (6:52)

(Mentioned in this construction post.)

Here’s my layout (the bottom blocks were made from scraps, so they don’t really follow the unit block concept):

For more info on covering cushions:

  • Curbly (Skip the piping and zipper.)
  • Sew Mama Sew (Again, skip the extra frills.)
  • eHow (Start at step 3, using foam instead of the foam rubber they refer to.)

(And I have to thank Diane, of In My Own Style, for helping me out with an assignment recently.  She has an inspiring home deco blog you really should check out!)

If you want to buy them pre-made, you might try Amazon.

Now it’s your turn.  Please add to the conversation!  Do you have a great handwriting activity?  Lots of experience addressing hitting and aggression?  Have you made or bought soft blocks?  Please share!



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