The current Hot Subject article, DAP and also Why We Don’t Push Children Down the Stairways, absolutely struck a nerve! The remarks have actually been remarkable! Numerous shared instances of “too much prematurely”, yet some additionally asked yourself if it was OK to be supporting their precocious children in their innovative interests, while others questioned what the entire analogy also implied.

Since the Hot Topic is suggested to be brief, I understood it would certainly take one more (longer) post to clear up such a large subject. Yet because of the discussion, I have actually chosen it will certainly take a number of! So this next week’s series will certainly be committed to the subject of developmentally appropriate practice. Ideally the principles and also resources covered will certainly respond to the questions ignited by the intriguing example in the original blog post. If not, please do not be timid, as well as include in the ongoing conversation in the comments!

Right here are the topics I intend to cover (connected below as added).

.?.!? What other inquiries do you have about developmentally appropriate practice or what various other concerns do you have regarding the “excessive too soon” aspects of our society today?

The initial message in the collection gets here tomorrow early morning. In the meanwhile, catch up with the example, DAP and also Why We Do Not Press Children Down the Stairways.

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