Last Friday, I spent about 8 hours in a technology classroom earning credit toward the renewal of my teaching license.  The topic was podcasting, and of course, if I’m doing work I prefer to make it count for as much as possible, so I thought I’d focus my project on something you could enjoy.  I was required to record and publish two podcasts, so I decided to record the Introduction and Chapter One of my ebook, Parenting with Positive Guidance: Building Discipline from the Inside Out.  So if you’ve wanted to find out what the book is about, here’s a great opportunity.  You can listen to the first two sections on your computer by clicking on the icons below.  You can also click on the links to and download the files to your mp3 player.


Click To Play Introduction here or go to to download.
 Chapter One

Click To Play Chapter One here or go to to download.


 If it sounds like I’m huddled over a microphone in a room full of 20 other people doing the same, well, that’s because I am.  I felt a little like those hushed, mellow voices on NPR, though in a much more rough and amateur way.

Well, half way through my class on Friday it became apparent that what I thought was allergies was actually a cold.  Bummer.  Especially since I had a half-marathon to run on Saturday.  Taking into account the months of training, a considerable registration fee, and the fact that my sister had driven all the way from Oregon to run her very first half, I decided the cold was minor enough to stick with the run. 

I felt great during the race; the adrenaline must have opened up my sinuses.  But after about 16 miles of huffing and puffing (my own 13.1 plus the extra to run in with my sis) my head cold moved down to my chest.  Recovering from a half and a cold simultaneously left me completely WIPED. OUT.   So that’s my excuse for disappearing over the weekend.  In case you feel like you missed out on something, here are the “after-weekend reads”.

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And whether you’re planning on observing Screen Free Week or not, check out  this {Simple Kids} post, Preparing for Screen-Free Week: 20 Ideas to Help You Stay Unplugged.

Enjoy the new week!

Top photo by Kris Peterson

Race photo from local news station, KSL.



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