Friday Q&A: Dealing with Sibling Aggression

Here’s proof that it really does tickle your ears when someone talks about you.  Right about the time I mention my 5 month old, you can hear him crying in the monitor, waking from his nap just as I wrap up the video!

{This video can also be viewed on YouTube.}

A participant in the Parenting with Positive Guidance Ecourse wrote in asking about how to help her three year-old who is behaving aggressively (hitting, kicking, stepping on) towards his 8 month-old baby sister.  Here are some tips and resources on the topic.  What advice could you add?

Video Summary:

  • Observe to find the real cause.
  • Watch for needs for attention (from parents or from the baby) or power
  • Play alongside to model, give attention, intervene, and redirect.


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