Scientists state it really rains rubies on Uranus and Neptune. The worlds’ thick atmospheres are thought to consist of a high percent of methane under layers of hydrogen and also helium.

You understand methane … it’s the main element of natural gas. It explodes when lit. It’s a greenhouse gas that’s discharged right into the environment through mining and also farting, among other occasions. However … allow’s get back to diamonds.

In the world, rubies develop under extreme warm and pressure. The temperatures on the 7th and also 8 planets from our sunlight variety from 3,000-12,000 levels F, with pressures anywhere from 200,000 to 6 million times greater than the stress in the world.

So where do the diamonds come from? Methane’s chemical formula is CH4, which suggests it’s made up of one atom of carbon bound to 4 atoms of hydrogen. Scientists supposed that also at the reduced ends of the above warm as well as stress ranges, methane would separate into hydrogen as well as carbon, as well as the carbon would be pressed right into rubies.

So they tested the theory, utilizing a gas cannon on methane examples. Indeed, when they pressed as well as stunned the methane, they found evidence of immediate ruby dust formation. Comparable experiments have been done at other laboratories considering that, generating the exact same results.

Defining a 1999 experiment at UC Berkeley that utilized an infrared laser to warm compressed methane, scientist Laura Robin Benedetti stated, “It’s truly great to watch. When you turn on the laser the methane transforms black because of all the rubies developed. The black diamond specks drift in a clear hydrocarbon fluid melted by the laser.” That does sound cool.

That’s why they believe it essentially rainfalls rubies on these 2 worlds. And afterwards the treasures are forced towards the planets’ cores by gravity … so they pile up miles deep! Currently you have a get-rich-quick system: All you have to do is get to Uranus, scoop up a bazillion dollars worth of diamonds, as well as go back to Planet. Best of luck!

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