Teenager Developer Easton LaChappelle Reaches for the Future

At age 14, Easton LaChappelle developed his very first robotic hand utilizing Lego(R) components, tubing, as well as electric tape. By 2013, the Colorado teen’s service an inexpensive robot arm had landed him an internship with NASA.

So what inspired a kid from little Mancos, Colorado (pop. 1,200), to improve on human anatomy? Monotony. He had extremely little to occupy his time, so, he says, “I was forced … to find out something else to do.”

Easton made use of the Web to learn shows, electronics, auto mechanics, and layout, after that created a robot hand. It won 3rd area at the 2011 Colorado State scientific research fair, where he satisfied a seven-year-old woman using a prosthetic hand. She had the most technically sophisticated design readily available, and also it cost $80,000.

He made certain he can develop a less expensive choice. Using an obtained 3D printer, he assembled an arm and also a hand for around $250.

When Easton provided it at the third yearly White House Scientific research Fair, Head of state Obama drank the hand as well as suggested the teen program his job to DARPA, the government company that helped develop the Internet. Easton was chosen for an internship at NASA, where he dealt with humanoid robots called Robonauts.

At age 17, he built a third-generation arm regulated by a cordless headset that communicates brainwaves to the hand. These days, Easton is so well known that he gives talks before adult target markets as well as is identified in the 3D and also robotics globes.

His room in your home is full of computer systems, 3D printers, a grinder, a drill press, a soldering terminal, and also arm prototypes. Certainly, he has a video camera to record his work and existing it on YouTube.

Easton’s goal is to make an arm even stronger than a human arm, one that can revolve 360 levels and also lift 200 extra pounds. He also wants to help deaf individuals hear, as well as to create a robot exoskeleton to help a paralyzed schoolmate walk. He claims, “This is what I’m meant to do.”

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