Guest Post: Simple Activities for Excited Kids

You can find me over at Simple Kids, writing about a few activities that will keep those excited hands busy as the excitement of the seasons build!  Here’s a little taste:

As Christmas gets closer, the rising level of excitement becomes almost palpable in our house.  That means I need to plan a few activities to give all that energy somewhere to go!  I certainly don’t want to spend more time finding supplies or preparing the activity than my children will spend engaged in it.  Here are a few ideas for keeping anxious hands busy using simple supplies you may already have on hand.

Gum Drop Structures

One activity that is often easy to come by this time of year, is building structures using toothpicks and gum drops.  Simple.  It takes about ten seconds to prepare, but the kiddos will easily spend half an hour building.  Sticking toothpicks into gumdrops, they’re creations will resemble something between a complicated molecule and the Taj Mahal.

Read the full post at Simple Kids for more ideas! 

I’ll be taking a bit of a writing break for the holidays.  Have a very Merry Christmas!  See you in the new year!



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