Up, Up, as well as Away! Superhero Capes for Preschoolers

If you’re trying to find a quick, affordable, no-sew means to create capes for your super-preschooler, look no further! No incredibly powers are needed below, just textile, self-adhesive Velcro tabs, and scissors!

For your material, begin with tricot (pronounced “tree-co”). Call your regional fabric stores to discover one that lugs it. It is fabulously shiny and light so that it surges as well as flows as the user flies! When it comes to incredibly powers, it doesn’t fray, so it doesn’t require any kind of hemming to finish the edges. Tricot comes on very large bolts. You only require about 20 inches, so with the large size, you can buy twenty inches as well as make most likely 3 or 4 capes. Once you have the tricot, reduced a rectangular shape about 18 inches by 20 inches. ( The dimension is by no means specific. This is the dimension that has worked for my 2-5 year olds, yet do not hesitate to adjust!)

Next off, fold the

item in fifty percent, lengthwise, and round out all-time low as well as top to offer the cape more shape. The cuts do not require to be precise, but this is the shape I cut mine right into.

Last step, affix the Velcro to the edges. One tab goes on the within, the various other on the outside, so that the corners overlap smoothly when the tabs are connected. If you aren’t absolutely, morally opposed to embroidery, you might enhance the tabs with a quick “x” stitch to strengthen them against the duplicated pulling they will certainly be getting.



You’re done! If you intend to, you can include decorations such as sequins, logo designs, or crests, but I haven’t seen any absence of interest from users of the ordinary variety. In addition, leaving the cape simple offers it extra flexibility for a variety of players and story-lines. Capes are a basic and great enhancement to power up dramatic play!

.?.!! Find out more regarding superhero play right here!

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