Once you’ve done your Four Seasons graph, you can prolong the discussion (perhaps the next day) by singing the “Satisfied Youngsters” song. What makes this tune so great, is that it’s created, partly, by the kids!

Start with your 4 Seasons chart, along with 5 notepads. On one paper write the title, “Delighted Kids” and perhaps add some quick illustrations of grinning kids. On the next paper compose, “Happy children in the springtime time …” Repeat this line on the various other papers, substituting for the four seasons (” summer season”, “drop time” or “fall”, “wintertime”).

With your kids, evaluate the 4 Seasons tune once more. Talk once more about just how each season is different. Clarify that you have a brand-new tune concerning the 4 periods and also what the children like to do throughout each season, which you need their help to finish the song. Show and also describe the title and place it above your periods chart. Area each of the various other ready sheets near the appropriate period on your period chart. Then, as you discuss each season with the children, speak about what they such as to do during that season. Narrow down to one fave from the ideas as well as compose it on the sheet. Once the sheets are complete, the song will certainly go something similar to this:

” Delighted Kids” (To the tune, Did you ever see a Lassie)

Satisfied kids in the springtime time, the springtime time, the springtime time,

Delighted children in the springtime time, love to select flowers.

Delighted youngsters in the summer, the summertime, the summertime,

Pleased children in the summertime, jump in the swimming pool.

Delighted youngsters in the fall, the autumn, the autumn,

Pleased youngsters in the autumn, play in the leaves.

Pleased youngsters in the winter, the wintertime, the wintertime,

Delighted youngsters in the winter months, make a snow man.

Undoubtedly your song will certainly be different with your very own youngsters’s tips. You might do the song several times if you intended to incorporate more of the youngsters’s suggestions.

This song develops language abilities as the children reveal their suggestions and sing about them. Literacy skills are also emphasized as they watch you convert their tips into written words on the paper. Last but not least, an understanding concerning the seasons constructs clinical understanding and also a recognition of nature.

Enjoy singing with your delighted kids!

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