Below’s a track you possibly already understand, yet just in instance you do not I’ll share it with you! It’s so straightforward and perfect for the period. As we sing, I have the children float their hands back and forth to the ground like dropping leaves. Below’s the tune:

Autumn Leaves (tune: London Bridges)

Autumn leaves are dropping

Red, gold, and also brown,

To the ground!

Autumn fallen leaves are falling down,

We enjoy fall!

I generally precede this song by speaking about the fall period, as well as the fact that it’s also called fall. We speak about the transforming leaves and also check out a few vivid samples from outside. I additionally such as to bring in some needles from an evergreen tree to contrast and also go over. Also, other fun tree items to analyze in this discussion are acorns, Maple tree seeds (helicopter seeds), and nests (if you occur to discover a deserted one).

This tune and conversation develops scientific research knowledge about seasons, cycles of living things, and features of trees. Vocal singing is additionally a fantastic language home builder and also advertise phonological understanding!

.?.!! This song additionally goes extremely well with the fallen leave parachute task I’ll be publishing soon!!!

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.?. !! Top picture by porah.

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