Here’s a quick way to develop a new art tool. In a jar or baggie, gather adequate routine, table-grade salt to equate to the amount of complete colored salt you intend to end up with. Concerning a tsp each time, add tempera paint powder. (If you do not have paint powder, and you remain in a crisis for time, simply smash a little item of colored chalk right into powder. My prefered method is to put the item in a plastic baggie as well as stomp on it.) Mix the salt as well as color together completely. Voila! You have actually tinted salt! I use this several means. Pour some in a cookie sheet or art tray as well as allow children compose in the salt with their fingers (for this, you really wish to be scant with the paint powder to decrease the mess element). As you can see in the picture, I put some in child food containers, jabbed a few openings in the covers and also glued them on. (Those of you that get ideas more than 5 minutes before you need them, could actually most likely to the store and buy low-cost salt shakers, and even accumulate old spice bottles as you utilize them up.) I’ve seen these colored salt shakers utilized to drink onto glue pictures at the art table as well as right into cutting cream at the sensory table. I have actually even reconstituted the tempera paint with salt to create a new structure. The youngsters truly like the rough look and feel of their salty paints! End up with some colored salt that you do not need anymore? Use it to make playdough as well as you do not have to include any kind of shade! No surprise salt was when made use of as money in old times. It truly is flexible and fun things!

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