A large “thank you” to Deirdre from the blog, JDaniel4’s Mama for attending and sharing an enjoyable book task in the nick of time for the Fourth of July!

It is remarkable to be here on Not Simply Adorable guest posting today. My name is Deirdre Smith and I am visiting from my blog JDaniel4’s Mama. My blog is about increasing my four years of age child, the journeys we have, the special dishes we produce, the crafts we make, as well as the discovering we do.My boyjust started preschool last autumn and it was the very first time he heard the Pledge of Obligation. I remember asking him what he had found out eventually after school and also he responded by repeating the Promise in full.Although he discovered the words of the Promise of Loyalty all year, I am rather certain that he didn’t understand what all words in it suggested. Simply the words promise as well as allegiance would certainly have been new to him . It was out of a desire to assist him bring indicating to the words he was saying that I looked for a book that would certainly help him recognize the Pledge as well as what it implies. Guide I discovered in a box of old books I had actually made use of in my class collection was called The Promise of Loyalty produced by Scholastic Books.The Promise of Allegiance has stunning photos that aid highlight the different areasof the Promise. Much of the photos include pictures of kids. The web pages have the words of the Pledge in word chunks that will be familiar to anybody that has said the promise. Interpretations of the terms promise obligation, Republic for which it stands, along with freedom and justice for allcan be discovered in the rear of the book in language children will understand.What did we perform with this book?. We created a mobile of the American flag utilizing cardboard from an old box, paint( red, white, and blue ), building paper stars,fishing line, as well as a red plastic hanger.We repainted as well as placed stars on both side of the cardboard stripes to make sure that the mobile will still look like a flag as it rotates as well as twists.Our flag mobile has a folk art feel to it

as a result of the form of our stars and the paint method we used. We made use of a mother as well as 4 year old working together design of painting that is very popular at our house today. I presume you might call our mobile a homage OldSplendor, to use one of the American flag’s nicknames.I believe this mobile would certainly be best for celebrating the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Flag Day.You might find many various other reasons to develop and present this fun craft. Relevant

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