Make Tale Time Hands-On with Flannel Boards

Flannel boards are a great means to really bring youngsters right into a tale. They can assist relocate the items around as you spin your story, and later on they can retell the story (or develop their very own new and also boosted variation). It’s a simple hands-on device for supporting the language as well as comprehension skills that build strong viewers.

A flannel board– or really felt board– can be among the simplest Do It Yourself academic materials around. All you truly need is some flannel or really felt. Where you go from there is up to you. I assume the most convenient path is to attach the fabric to a tough piece of cardboard. That’s it. (See just how Made By Joel makes it straightforward sufficient, even for infants …) You can establish your cardboard up in a frame if you want to get all fancy like that ( leave the glass out). Aware above, I put magnets on the back of my flannel-ized cardboard as well as used it as an insert on my magnet board. I’ve also utilized a flannel pillowcase as a backdrop, which is terrific for traveling packages or going to bed tales.

So when you’ve invested fifty cents and also two mins developing your flannel board, the actual trick comes. How do you create numbers for the tale you intend to inform?

When I need a specific figure as well as I do not trust my imaginative skills, I look to the Pellon method. Pellon is a brand name of interfacing you can locate at your local textile shop. It is available in a range of weights, any one of which would work, but the stiffer ones may hold up under the use and abuse of young children a bit much longer. The interfacing has a textured side that adheres well to the flannel board and also it’s likewise sheer sufficient you can use it as mapping paper! I lay the Pellon on top of the picture I wish to utilize, trace with a pencil, after that describe the figures with my Con artist. After that I make use of a crayon to include a little shade. The appearance of the interfacing picks up the crayon extremely quickly as well as adds an enjoyable structure to the photos too.

This method is particularly useful when you desire your detailed story board to match your publication. Or, in my situation, if you want the youngsters to acknowledge the cow as a cow and not a pet dog. Over, I used figures from 2 different books to develop pieces to accompany the traditional Spanish ranch song, Vengan a Ver Mi Granja. Making use of aesthetic help helped to strengthen the Spanish vocabulary as we sang, as well as the children loved having fun with the pieces afterward.

If you’re less restricted by budget plan, you can use a shade copier, a laminator, as well as a few strips of sandpaper to develop flannel board pieces like Melissa at Chasing Cheerios, or try out this fascinating concept from Baby Jayne’s utilizing your own printer and iron-on transfer paper. Of course, if you have the knack, go ahead as well as make your own patterns and designs from felt. The good news is, really felt behaves and also affordable, so you — as well as your little ones– can play around and best your felting craft.

What’s your favored way to make use of flannel boards?

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