Fanschool: The future of Kidblog

<!– Fanschool: The future of Kidblog –>

Kidblog is continually adding features to meet the needs of teachers, students, schools, and families. The next iteration of these improvements includes a branding update to reflect our commitment to all stakeholders in the K-12 ecosystem.

The Kidblog Team is proud to announce new features, a new design, and a new name: Fanschool. The world’s best student publishing platform is now even better.

What’s Coming?

Kidblog pioneered authentic student publishing in a safe, teacher-moderated space. As Fanschool, we take student ownership and identity to the next level.

Create: What are you a fan of? Members take the fan quiz to determine their favorite subjects and areas of interest, which become the foundation of an individual’s Fanschool profile.

Members further demonstrate their interest in a subject or topic by creating and sharing an article to their profile, a teacher-moderated Space, or to a public feed. Users browse topic feeds to discover related content and “fan” people or organizations with common passions.

Showcase: Who we become is just as important as what we achieve. A Fanschool Profile is a projection of identity and a celebration of continued growth. Students can feature the work that makes them proud and show the world who they’re becoming!

Additionally, schools, districts, and organizations have a place to showcase their impact: The Fan Page. Administrators have the ability to elevate content to their Fan Page to display the work being done by members within their organization.

Network: Members will be surrounded by an online community that supports their personal development. They may collaborate with people and organizations to explore a common cause and will be able to visualize their limitless impact as they traverse their Fanschool network tree.

Fanschool leverages the “wisdom of crowds” within a user’s social, school, and family circles. This creates a safe, healthy ecosystem where learners are motivated to learn, together with involvement of their families, teachers, and other members of their communities.

Thank you for trusting Kidblog to be an important part of your classroom.

We’re on a mission to create 50 million fans of school by 2025. Fanschool is a simply new way of labeling the Kidblog features and benefits that users have come to trust for over 10 years (since the earliest days of the modern “edtech” revolution). In short, if there’s a feature you love at Kidblog, it’s even better at Fanschool.

We would like to thank you for your continued support which has helped guide us through these updates. If you have questions or immediate feedback, please reach out to us at


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