As you and your children are exploring the properties of pumpkins, you discover that the fact that they are hollow is one of their best characteristics.  You find this out as you dig out their seeds and make Jack-o-lanterns.  You realize it’s importance as you send even enormous pumpkins floating on water.  Another great way to utilize the hollow property of a pumpkin is to use it as a drum!

I often use a pumpkin to invite the children to beat out the syllables in their names.  You could also use it in a music activity, just as you would use any drum or rhythm sticks.  In fact, if you only have one big pumpkin drum, you could give the other children rhythm sticks to follow along with until it is their turn to use the pumpkin.  Try this method out as you teach your children Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater.  It’s an easy one to beat out with a steady beat, and the beats happen to coincide with the syllables, making it a perfect prereading activity as the children hear the sounds of the words.  Just be sure to sing the song slowly so that the children can both sing and tap.  Also, remember that children’s voices are naturally higher, and this song descends fairly low, so start out just a bit higher than you normally would.

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Photo by SEPpics.



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