In case I have not offered you enough reasons to go out and acquire your dream cookie cutter collection, here’s one more means to get your cash’s worth. It’s very similar to the cookie cuter prints, however with an additional action. As opposed to making use of tempera paint in your plastic lids, use excellent old Elmer’s glue. As soon as the cookie cutters have been dipped in the adhesive and pressed on the paper, the youngsters can shake colored salt onto the glue. Shake the paper about, and also there is a new, vivid, elevated print! You could likewise use radiance instead of or in addition to the tinted salt. As the youngsters make use of several shades on the same page, their prints will take on an amazing multi-colored design! Delight in completely you can place these prints to great use!

This activity constructs electric motor control and also creative thinking as the children control the cutters as well as shakers as well as produce their very own designs.

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