Welcome Back!  I hope you all enjoyed a nice break during the holidays.  I know I certainly did.  Taking a break to focus on my family was well-appreciated, though I’ve begun to crave this outlet for processing my thoughts and getting them down into print.  And I’ve missed hearing your thoughts as well.

As a new year begins, I like to look back at where I’ve been before jumping into make plans for what lies ahead.  Today, I want to share with you some of the most popular posts from 2011, and would love to have you take part in the survey below to help me as I plan another year here at Not Just Cute. 

Based on traffic stats, here are the top posts of 2011:

Parenting with Positive Guidance, the Ebook  (Which will be the basis for an upcoming ecourse that I can’t wait to share with you!)

Spanking.  The Post I Finally Had to Write

How to Encourage Your Child to Be Creative When You Are Not

Creativity Matters: Free Ebook    (Over 1000 downloaded!)

Want to Give Your Kids and Advantage?  Build Executive Functions.

Would You Like a Lift?  More on Why Age Matters.

Literacy Beginnings: A PreKindergarten Handbook  (I absolutely love this resource!)

Stretching Words.  Playful Ways to Practice Phonemic Awareness.

Roots and Wings: Giving Choices and Setting Boundaries

Sensory Play Inspiration to Get You Going

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(I’d love to hear from you in the comments section as well.)

Thank you so much for reading, for sharing, and for chiming in to provide your own perspective.  You make this blog what it is, and make the work worthwhile.  I’m looking forward to a very exciting, promising new year!

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