It’s Drizzling Diamonds on Uranus!

Researchers say it actually rains diamonds on Uranus and Neptune. The earths’ thick environments are believed to have a high percentage of methane under layers of hydrogen as well as helium.

You know methane … it’s the primary component of gas. It takes off when lit. It’s a greenhouse gas that’s sent out into the environment with mining and farting, among other events. However … let’s return to rubies.

In the world, rubies form under severe warm and stress. The temperatures on the seventh as well as 8 earths from our sunlight array from 3,000-12,000 degrees F, with pressures anywhere from 200,000 to 6 million times above the stress in the world.

So where do the diamonds originate from? Methane’s chemical formula is CH4, which means it’s comprised of one atom of carbon bound to 4 atoms of hydrogen. Researchers theorized that also at the low ends of the above warmth and pressure arrays, methane would certainly divide into hydrogen and carbon, as well as the carbon would be compressed into rubies.

So they checked the theory, utilizing a gas cannon on methane samples. Sure enough, when they compressed and surprised the methane, they located evidence of instant diamond dust formation. Comparable experiments have actually been done at various other labs given that, generating the very same outcomes.

Explaining a 1999 experiment at UC Berkeley that utilized an infrared laser to warm pressed methane, scientist Laura Robin Benedetti stated, “It’s actually amazing to view. When you activate the laser the methane turns black due to all the diamonds produced. The black diamond flecks float in a clear hydrocarbon liquid melted by the laser.” That does appear cool.

That’s why they think it literally rainfalls diamonds on these 2 earths. And after that the gems are required toward the earths’ cores by gravity … so they accumulate miles deep! Currently you have a get-rich-quick plan: All you need to do is get to Uranus, scoop up a bazillion bucks worth of diamonds, and go back to Planet. Best of luck!

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