It’s such a humble cover. White with black words. The Book without any Photos* by BJ Novak. (Yes, that BJ Novak). ( * affiliate web link)

The kids didn’t look satisfied.

” We’re mosting likely to trick Daddy into checking out that tonight,” I murmured to my oldest, as I bustled concerning the cooking area making dinner.

” What? Why do we need to deceive him?”

” Simply check out a little, after that you’ll see.”

He thumbed with the very first few pages of the plain looking book remaining on the counter. His eyes lit up. He started to giggle. One of his bros came and also had the exact same unimpressed-turned confused-turned giggly reaction.

When bedtime came, I discovered my two earliest– the sneek-peekers– were extremely rapid as they obtained all jammied up and worked out in for tales. My kindergartener, that had not been privy to the inside joke was unconvinced.

” No images? Boo!”

My husband played clueless as he teamed up on our kindergartner’s side.

” Yeah. No photos. Lame!”

He feigned reluctance as he began checking out (which really is the very best means to review this publication). Quickly the children– ALL the boys, skeptic kindergartner and goofy kid included– were laughing.

I may have been laughing a little bit also.

Once the book was ended up (and also my other half had finished pretending to be annoyed by the children’ hoax) guide did well in catching the very best testimonial a publication can obtain from a youngster:

” Now, I wish to read it!”

( Though, in maintaining with the trickery of this publication, it seemed much more like, “Oh no, currently I need to review it?”)

This book is extremely dazzling! Not only due to the fact that it’s a new and also brilliant concept, however due to the fact that it also does some powerful mentor at the exact same time. (Though, truthfully the kids are also busy laughing it up to tell you regarding it.)


At any time you obtain youngsters excited about a publication, you can chalk up one win for proficiency. However this book is specifically effective at teaching a number of certain literacy skills. The initial is the ideas of print. Principles of print are essentially an understanding of “just how books function“. That’s the whole facility of this book! Publish lugs definition. All on its own. Words on the page mean something– and OH BOY do they mean something in this book. They imply WHATEVER!

Speaking of definition, there are a lot of words in this book that in fact do not indicate anything. Rubbish words that won’t be discovered in any kind of thesaurus or on any vocabulary tests. These silly words not only obtain kids laughing, yet they help beginning visitors recognize that words are a mix of audios and that often even adults require to extend words.

Finally, this publication fails without the right expression and also impact. Kids pick up on this. As they take their turns reviewing guide, they include vocal inflections for significance and also remarkable style. This is an ability that not only makes reading more enjoyable, but it additionally helps kids develop comprehension abilities. Kids who discover to read with expression learn to keep in mind what they have actually read.

You can listen to an audio sample on Amazon * (click below the picture of the book) to hear the writer checked out virtually the entire publication with his own inflection. It will certainly offer you a good taste for the book, and for the best method to review it.


As I thought of the absolute playfulness of this book, it reminded me of this flow from Gretchen Rubin’s Happier in the house * ( * associate link):

” In The Levity Effect, Adrian Gostick and also Scott Christopher say that “levity” is a highly effective tool for aiding individuals to function better; humor helps individuals focus, alleviates stress, as well as enhances a sensation of link.

When I initially read this argument, I believed, Well, I can’t use levity, since also when I try to joke about, I seldom manage really to be amusing. But evidently, that doesn’t matter. Revealing levity is less regarding being amusing and also extra regarding having the ability to have a good time as well as see the humorous side of everyday scenarios— particularly difficult situations.”

Revealing your determination to enjoy, together with the oxytocin (the “bonding hormone”) released when people share a laugh together, constructs partnerships. And as I have actually written sometimes here, “There is no growth without connections.”

Words of Caution

There is a warning that includes this book. A cautioning my second had a good laugh at:

But in all severity, the only caveat I would certainly give is that this publication does use words “butt”. Well, “boo boo butt” to be a lot more specific. So if that’s an offensive word in your house, consider on your own warned.

Additionally, fair caution to all matured that see our residence: The children have a publication they ‘d love for you to check out!

Have a look at this post in Vanity Fair to learn more about what triggered BJ Novak to compose this publication (not remarkably, he offers rather funny meetings) and also to watch a video of BJ reading his publication to a roomful of laughing school child.

Locate Guide without Images* by BJ Novak (Yes, that BJ Novak) with Amazon. ( * affiliate web link)

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