This is a terrific song for discovering shades and for developing rhyme acknowledgment, an essential ability for pre-readers ( learn more about phonological understanding here). Utilize this track during big team, songs as well as activity time, or just as a filler during a change. The kids love it! Eventually, they’ll prepare to be the ones offering the ideas!

Song: Five Little Ducks (You know, “… yet the one little duck with the feather on his back …”)

A lot of pastels in package for you,

Red ones, yellow ones, blue ones as well. (You’re welcome to alter the shades)

Yet the one little shade that rhymes with (head)

It’s my favorite shade, it’s the color …( red!)

( Hesitate at the end so the kiddos can fill out with the mystery color!)

Much more from the “Exploring the Arts through Our Detects” device here!

Top image by ctech.

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