Unusual Science: The Accidental Development of Ridiculous Putty

Ridiculous Putty was invented by accident. Throughout The Second World War, designer James Wright was benefiting the U.S. War Production Board, trying to produce a cost-effective alternative to artificial rubber at a General Electric laboratory in Connecticut. When he went down boric acid right into silicone oil, he got a material that was stretchier as well as bouncier than rubber, with an odd included feature: When you squashed it against a paper or comic-book page, it picked up a best copy of the print it touched.

Cool though that was, Wright’s discovery became no far better than the synthetic rubber that currently existed. The government really did not want his “nutty putty,” however a few years later, business owner Peter Hodgson noticed what a struck the stuff went to a party. He renamed it “Foolish Putty” and also marketed it as a plaything, product packaging it in colorful plastic eggs since he placed it out around Easter time.

Foolish Putty become one of the 20th century’s most preferred playthings … and after that people started developing practical usages for it, like grabbing dirt and also lint, and also sticking it to an unsteady leg to make a table much more secure. Astronauts on the Apollo 8 moon goal even made use of the goo to keep their devices secure in no gravity!

Although Ridiculous Putty is very stretchy, it additionally damages cleanly as well as, strangely sufficient, also shatters if hit with enough force. In 1989, a graduate student at Alfred College in New york city state dropped a 100-pound round of Silly Putty from the roof covering of a school building to see what would take place: Would it jump, break, or simply become a giant pancake? The substantial sphere dropped, bounced regarding eight feet into the air, and then smashed when it hit the ground the 2nd time!

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