Three Keys to Successful School Transitions

My friend, Mandi Ehman, is running a great Back to School series over at Life…Your Way, and I’m flattered to have been invited to contribute.  Check out my post as well as all the other great resources she’s sharing.  You can get a taste of it here:

Change can be hard.  And yet as the saying goes, the only constant in life is change. 

The advent of a new school year tends to be a time of momentous changes and transitions.  Whether your child is starting preschool for the first time, transferring to a new school, or simply changing grades, taking a little time to prepare for these big changes can go a long way to make for a smooth transition.

Get Familiar

Anxiety feeds off of the unknown.  The more familiarity your child finds in a new situation, the more likely he or she will feel at ease.  You can build familiarity before school starts by:

  • Playing on the school playground
  • Finding other children from the class or school and scheduling playdates
  • Attending Back to School events and Open Houses
  • Learning the name of your child’s teacher, or better yet, meeting him or her with your child
  • Knowing the policies and procedures such as dress codes, permissible items, and drop off/pick up zones

When your child knows a little bit about what to expect and what will be expected, she’ll not only experience less anxiety, but also be better prepared for successful, positive experiences.

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