ASK AN SPECIALIST: Keeping Medicine Up as well as Away

Today’s Ask the Professional column helps parents with a inquiries concerning medicine.

The Inquiry I beware regarding keeping medication safely in my own residence, but I’m not sure everybody is. How do I make certain friends and family keep medication stored away when my child is going to?– Shannon from TX Th Answer Most of us recognize how curious kids can be and also just how rapidly they can enter into anything theydiscover.

When visiting friends and family, nicely clarify that your youngster is a little traveler that easily gets involved in points, and ask your hosts if they would certainly mind putting their medicine(including vitamins and supplements )unreachable and hidden. If they maintain medication in bags, on a counter or on a nightstand, advise them to store those up and away too. You can additionally start the discussion by sharing this video clip on medication safety.Meet the Professional See the remainder of our experts and also Safe Children team on our Group Web page. Do you have questions regarding the very best means to keep your youngsters safe? Our”Ask a Professional

“column is the area to get the answer straight from experienced professionals,who have committed their lives to educating parents and securing youngsters.

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