Remember my brilliant niece?  She’s now hitting the university grind as a future engineer.  For one of her classes she was asked to create a mission statement as a learner.  What she came up with inspired me, and I hope it does the same for you:

I will learn

From teachers and students

I will have an open mind

And I will change it often

I will be prepared to learn outside of the classroom

Especially from those who I think have nothing to teach

I will think critically with my mind

But never forget to involve my heart

And at the end of my life

I will regret the books I didn’t read

But not for a lack of reading

I told you she was a genius.  So I’m challenging you to think about your own learner’s creed.  What do you want to commit to as a life-long learner?  What do you hope for for the young learners in your stewardship?



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