To prepare for this track, I illustrate of a dinosaur driving an automobile on five index cards. (The photos don’t have to be best, the children are usually very easy movie critics in this department. Check out some dinosaur images to offer you ideas.) I organize the pictures on my pocket chart and ask the kids if they assume dinosaurs drove automobiles. We talk about this suggestion for a bit, and generally end that these are five silly dinosaurs. As a matter of fact, there’s a track regarding these 5 silly dinosaurs!

Five Silly Dinosaurs

( To the song of 5 Brown and Speckled Frogs)

5 foolish dinosaurs( Hold up 5 fingers)

Driving in their dino-cars( Comedian driving at the steering wheel)

Swing as they pass each various other by.( Wave)

One got embeded the tar( Idea one photo on end, so that it appears the front of the car is stuck.)

Then he couldn’t drive his car ( Take photo away.)

Now there are 4 silly dinosaurs.( Hesitate so that the children provide the number.)

Repeat the track, counting down to no. When you get to “Currently there are no foolish dinosaurs,” it is a wonderful opening to discuss the idea of extinction.

Singing this track likewise enhances language and literacy abilities as the youngsters take part in a rhyme, songs abilities as they follow rhythm and also pitch, as well as math skills as they count down the number of dinosaurs, laying foundation for the concept of reduction.

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