Heart Biscuits

Valentine Smoothies (Try this dish, yet add strawberries for a Valentine’s pink. Garnish with strawberries sliced top-down to create a heart!)

Chocolate Dipped Cracker Rods

Huge Soft Pretzels (This is the very best dish!)


Valentine Mice by Bethany Roberts (Integrate with any kind of rhyming game)

Jennifer Jones Will Not Leave Me Alone by Frieda Wishinsky (One of my all-time favored books! Follow up by making these Love Mobiles — simplified if essential– for somebody unique!)

The Very Best Aspect Of Valentines by Eleanor Hudson (Make your very own expensive Valentines!)

Rhyme Time Valentine by Nancy Poydar (Adhere To up with some Sweet Heart Mathematics!)

Mailbox Magic by Nancy Poydar (make use of with this task)

Mailing Might by Michael O. Tunnell

Raymond and also Nelda by Barbara Bottner

Please Create Back! by Jennifer E. Morris

We’ll see how rapidly I can obtain caught up! Stay tuned!

Leading hearts picture by wemedge.

Ahh, February! The kiddos have actually simply gotten over the withdrawal symptoms caused by the sudden drop in blood sugar level degrees after Christmas, so certainly it’s the ideal time for an additional confectionary holiday!

Currently, I’m a center of the roader when it comes to holidays and preschool. I do not fairly concur with the notion that they ought to be entirely abolished from school. They are what kids are interested in, as well as I think educational program should emerge from the child’s rate of interests. Though, I also do not agree with the idea that a vacation is an appropriate curriculum motif in and of itself for an extended period of time. So I like to take the vacation and discover links to various other social or scientific research based motifs. As I consider Valentine’s Day, I think about relationship and also writing and also sending out notes and also letters. I consider the social skills involved in creating as well as maintaining human partnerships. These are abilities children require to develop. (While we’re at it, there are lots of adults that could utilize a course on those abilities as well!)

So, currently of year, I such as to use the style “Friends and Interaction” It enables a concentrate on relationship– just how we speak with our friends, what we like to do with our pals, and how we fix disputes with close friends. It additionally connects the idea of communication, specifically composed communication (here’s where the Valentines actually incorporate)– the mail system, writing letters, acknowledging created names, as well as sharing our ideas in composed words.

Below are simply a few of the principles as well as goals within the style:

Ideas/ Purposes Subject Areas/Skills
  • Poetry & Beginning Sounds
Phonemic Understanding/ Pre-Reading Abilities
  • Respectful Language & Being a Good Friend
Social Skills
  • Graphing
Math– Arranging & Counting
  • Using the Mail
Social Concepts, Interaction, & Writing
  • Creating as well as Finishing Patterns

I’ve been a little a loafer lately, yet I’ll try to obtain as a lot of the Valentine’s tasks uploaded prior to the actual vacation for anybody who might be seeking a last minute concept! Here are the tasks I prepare to upload:


Homemade Paint Stampers

Fold Art Hearts

Heart Stencils

Chalk & Water


Sparkly Scented Playdough (If you can handle this much enjoyment, integrate this dish with this one!)

Hearts and Cornmeal

Magnet Search

Shape Scoop (Add Hearts!)

Message Workplace Significant Play:

Make Your Own Message Office

What Envelopes Will Do to Your Creating Center! (Just do it and also find out for yourself!)

Group Games, Songs, Etc.:

Heart Matter and Pattern

Mail Suit

Play “That Has the Heart” (Adapt this video game by utilizing a really felt heart instead of a pumpkin)

Five Little Valentines (This tune as well as others located below.)

Do You Know This Good Friend of Mine?

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